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Prophetic Tidbit- The Path of Life

  We may not feel qualified, confident, or adequate to do well what God has called us to do. The truth is, no one is. We will always be unworthy and inadequate, but through Christ, we can do all things. When we are used by the Lord, it is because of who He is, not who […]

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Prophetic Tidbit:Faith and Faithfulness

    What does it mean when people say they have faith? Most mean they believe there is a God. Some go further to tie their loyalty to a specific religion, denomination, sect, or philosophical belief system. Thus, many are familiar with a God they do not know.    True faith is in a person – […]

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A Time To Reset – Fear or Faith by Roy Roden

   During this time of isolation, we have time for self-reflection. One reason why I mention this is because many Christians are operating out of fear rather than faith. Fear paralyzes a person while faith releases the hand of God to work on our behalf.    True faith is placed in a person, the Lord […]

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