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Next on Eastgate Academy FB / Live

    Join me Monday November 23rd at 2:00 pm for Eastgate Academy FB Live “The Voice of the Lord and the 2020 Election #3.” We will discuss Revelations 7:3 and how this applies today. The Revolution that began in 1776 with the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and the 2nd Revolution. That which is […]

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Special Post Election Report broadcast 11-14-20

Special Post Election Broadcast Replay Report Nov. 14th, 2020      During this broadcast, I expound on the present spiritual battle and the joy of the Lord that is our strength, the forthcoming display of God’s power, the second Revolution, and how God is bringing the Prophets and the prophetic ministry to the front. I also […]

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Special Election FB /Live report Nov. 14th 7:00 PM

    Special Election FB/ Live report Nov. 14th 7:00pm.  We are in a spiritual battle. It’s not the time to accept the misleading reports of the media that has pre-determined the outcome of this election. God is not shaken, nor is He moved by the present circumstance and situation. But rather, He sits in the […]

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The Voice of the Lord and the 2020 Election

Eastgate Academy FB Live Broadcast Replay     You will not want to miss this broadcast called  “The Voice of the Lord and the 2020 Election.” God is not moving according to man’s words and agenda, but according to His Voice to fulfill His will and purpose. Numerous prophets have spoken. The Church has been praying, […]

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Prophetic Words Concerning the Election

   For days prior to the election, I heard “Trump will be re-elected as President.” What most people do not understand is that God does elect those He desires to rule. King Saul was the people’s choice, but David, was anointed by Samuel to be King by the direction of the Lord. And like King […]

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Eastgate Academy FB/Live broadcast replay

Eastgate Academy FB Live Broadcast Replay    This next move of God may not be an outpouring of God’s Spirit, but a move of the Spirit revealed through the Lord’s army. We know the Lord as the Lamb, but what if in this next move, He is coming as the Lion of Judah, the Lord […]

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