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Discerning the Presence of Angels

The level of discernment to perceive the realm of the Spirit is increasing with greater vision and clarity.  Just as Jesus did that which He saw the Father doing, ministering the words that He heard the Father saying, the Holy Spirit is increasing the ability of the Church to both see and hear from the […]

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Angels on Assignment

We are living in the times where the ministry of angels is being restored to the Church. Because we are in a season of heightened angelic activity, now is the time to learn to work with the angels of heaven to fulfill your destiny on earth.  The angels of heaven that are assigned to you […]

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Ministering with Angels

On May 16th our congregation received an unexpected visit from an angel that the Lord called a “Watcher.”  Angelic watchers know the times, seasons and cycles of the Lord. As time keepers, they observe and monitor events that take place on earth and the activities of God’s people. They come and go according to the […]

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