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True Spiritual Authority

God’s love is the foundation for true spiritual authority. Out titles do not reveal God’s love; they are how we are called to function. Our position in the church or ministry does not reveal the love of God, only where responsibility is given. Without love, out titles and positions are merely nothing but symbols and […]

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The Power of Living in God’s Delight

Did you know that God’s pleasure is towards you and He delights in you! Quite often the Lord will whisper to my heart, “I am pleased with you.” Each time I hear this, I become more rooted in His love as a redeemed son in Christ Jesus, Last Sunday our guest speakers, John and Shelli […]

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How God Feels About Failures

Good morning everyone, While those with a religious mindset will look at the failures, shortcomings and the imperfection of others, God looks at Christ in His people.  From the place of Christ victory at Calvary, He sees their ordained potential and purpose as a new creation in Christ. Just as God in the beginning took […]

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