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Prophetic Tidbit – His Words or Ours?

You cannot impart to others that which you are not walking in. Nor can you speak the truth unless you own it. Our goal is to communicate in love the insights that arise from the heart of the Father – the truth “which is in Jesus” (Eph. 4:21). The scripture tells us that Jesus is […]

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The Grace for Second Chance – Nov. 11:11

Todays date is 11:11 – Veteran’s Day. As a patriot who fought in Vietnam, it is with exceedingly great joy, that I praise God for the new found freedom that radiates in my heart. A healing has taken place in my soul with restored hope and dignity with excitement. We now have a president that […]

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A NEW Governmental ORDER

This is a great day of celebration as Donald Trump is our new president. I believe God has now provided the way for the the passing of the baton to a new leadership that will restore that which is broken, and restore this nations governmental administration to it’s proper function and order. It’s not only important […]

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