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Jesus – The Revelation of Love

The more I learn about Jesus, the more I learn I need more understanding. Through Philippians 2:1-9, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see the humility of Christ when He walked this earth. The deepness of this truth caused a brokenness that transformed my heart with a greater desire to walk as Jesus did. […]

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Part 1 – The Call To Build Relationships

 For months I have extensively travelled from Maine to North and South Carolina, and soon to Puebla Mexico, to cultivate relationships with leaders and to make new connections. Last Friday I attended the Global Legacy Leadership gathering held at Faith Worship Center in Pepperrell Ma. The testimonies were inspiring and faith building. The following day, […]

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Its Going To Get Really Hot This Year

A fresh baptism of fire is here to ignite harvesters with fresh fire. This year will see  keepers mobilized by the Lord ignite the hearts of people with the fire of the Lords presence. This tactical military fire brigade will burn so brightly with the flame of the Lord’s presence, that anyone who ventures near them will […]

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God is Radicalizing Believers

While the adversary is radicalizing converts to promote their evil agenda, God is radicalizing believers that will display the greatness of His Splendor. By the power of God’s love, believers are now rising with the brightness of His glory. Their ministry and mandate is the ministry of reconciliation that brings forth life, healing and restoration […]

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