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God Healed MY Back on 7-11

God Healed My Back 7-11-15 My name is Roy and I was born with a curved spine. Over my life’s span it hasn’t given me a lot of problems until the past few years. Although my chiropractor tells me I have arthritis in my upper spine, it has been my lower back that started to […]

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Deep is Calling Unto Deep- a rising people of Influence

   Are you experiencing a deepness-taking place in your inner man? A powerful shift is taking place to bring your entire being into alignment with God for a whole new level of intimacy with authority. This deepness impacts your emotions, heart and thoughts. While God is contending for you, at the same time the adversary […]

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Prepare for Glory

I recently woke up with the thought from the Lord, “Prepare for Glory.” The same glory that shined upon the face of Moses is about to become visible upon God’s people. The process we are now enduring in this season of change will enable us to receive a greater measure of His Spirit. In the […]

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