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It’s Time To Dream Again

   As children, we play and dream about the things that spark our interest. How we carry out these fantasies through our playful pretend “to be” is really a revelation at an early age of who we are.  Watch a child at play and you will learn what they relate too. The things they draw, the […]

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Combating White Witchcraft

Every Christians is well aware of spiritual warfare. While warfare can come as an all out frontal assault, it usually begins as a seed planted in a person’s heart.  The tares of the enemy thus begin as a seed that grows until it chokes out the spiritual life that is our inheritance in Christ.  At […]

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The Spirit and Mantle of Wisdom

     The Church is now in the midst of change. In order to navigate through these uncertain times, we need the gift of wisdom. Just one word of divine wisdom that imparts understanding can steer us safely through uncharted waters. A word of wisdom may be defined as the counsel of the Lord that […]

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