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Word of the Week 12-31-12: The Power of Alignment

During 2012 we began to see the unveiling of the curtain for a prophetic view of a new administration. As we know the number 12 stands for apostolic. The true apostolic vision is for the household of faith to become ONE in Christ. There were 12 tribes of Israel but one nation and there were […]

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Word for Week 12-24-12: The Heart of Christmas

      Christmas is expressed by our celebration of joy with thankfulness to our heavenly Father for His Son Jesus. His presence is our greatest present and the Father’s love is our greatest possession and the peace and joy of the Spirit is our daily inheritance. And for good reason! Because of God’s love […]

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Prophetic Word Week 12-17-12

ANOINTED FOR WAR We have entered a season where the sound of liberty will be heard!  This is the sound of victory, the sound of deliverance and the sound of breakthrough that arise in God’s people.  It is this remnant that will march from the place of victory to take back the acquisitions the enemy […]

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It’s Time To Build with Apostolic Vision

   God is now revealing the blueprints of heaven to His wise master builders to establish the apostolic Church that reveals the government of God on earth as it is in heaven. Which leads me to today’s date, of this writing, which is 12-11-12. The significance of the number 12 is that it stands for apostolic,. […]

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