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The Battle for a Kingdom Mindset

God created mankind to experience His presence in the spirit of their mind. There are times that I am mentally aware of the presence of God in this way. This is especially true after spending an extended time with the Lord such as at a conference or retreat. Where, in the atmosphere of worship and […]

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Releasing the Glory

The next outpouring of God’s Spirit may not come from above but from the overflow of His glory through the ordinary members of the Church. The Church is called to host the glory of the Lord. Ever member is created in the image of God to shine with His glory. The call is to “Arise […]

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Enter into Rest- Cultivating God’s Presence

The following is a ten minute video called “Enter into His Rest” by Bill Johnson on cultivating your awareness of God through rest. If you warfare in your mind and you are seeking the victory, you will be blessed by this. Please watch the video and then read the article that outlines Bill points plus […]

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