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It’s Time To Prepare – God is coming to His house

Greetings, Bob Jones recently shared at MorningStar that in 2013 a great harvest will begin. We are living in the times of increase darkness and devastation as well as an increase of angelic visitations. Recently our congregation received a visit from an angelic Watchman with an impartation of the Sons of Issachar anointing. The Issachar […]

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Angelic Watchers and The Sons of Issachar

On Sunday May 2nd, our congregation received a visit from an angel that came bearing a message from heaven.  During the worship time I noticed that the spiritual atmosphere of the entry way to the sanctuary was brighter than usual. As a Seer, I often detect when a spiritual change takes place in the atmosphere. […]

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The Fire of God’s Glory

On the horizon there is an unprecedented outpouring of God’s Spirit that will soon touch the life of every believer on earth with a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit. The prophet Isaiah foretold of the day when darkness will increase upon the earth. During this time the light of God “shall arise upon you […]

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