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Video with Lance Wallnau and word by Bill Yount

Greetings, Lance Wallnau recently gave a teaching called “Out with the old and in with the New.”  In his encouraging word for 2010, he taught that this is the year of completion, the year to complete the mandates that the Lord has given to us that we have yet to finish. Please view the short […]

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The Battle Is The Lord’s

The Church is now engaged in a fierce battle, a battle for dominion and rule between the forces of light and darkness, between, the Kingdom of God and that of Satan.  It is because of this battle that many feel weary, tired and often discouraged. The reason for this drain and stain on our spiritual […]

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The Present Spiritual Battle

There is a battle raging in the region. This battle is not taking place at the gates of our enemies, but at the gates of our heart. There is a war being waged for the heart of men and for the soul of our nation and the church. It is a battle for dominion between […]

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Breaking Word Curses

Years ago I had a vision of a venomous snake. It was in my face with its mouth wide open with its fangs dripping with poison. I confess that a vision like this does not really impress me or captivate me. Actually I detest second heaven revelation, which is seeing into the spiritual realm where […]

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