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Defeating Witchcraft

Most Christians are aware that the Church is under a major spiritual siege. One of the symptoms of an assault is that families, church members and friends are experiencing “more than usual” conflicts that generate hard feelings. Some have bouts of depression with a loss of purpose and vision. Another symptom is feeling unusual fatigue […]

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God’s Kingdom Force – Part 5

There is a battle that must be waged in the spiritual realm.  On every front the enemy is assaulting the culture of nations with a barrage of weapons to establish an evil reign in the hearts of men. Whether it is in the government, family, education, church, the media, arts and entertainment, the military or […]

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Traits of Valor Part 4

We are living in the days that require some of the greatest displays of courage, endurance and steadfast devotion to Christ since Biblical times. While it seems that the powers that exist are succeeding in building their strongholds of deception and corruption in every nation and culture, Kingdom Warriors are now gathering to take their […]

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