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The Lord’s S.W.A.T Teams

In the last article I posted called, “God’s New Grid of Watchmen of Intercession” I mention that the Lord is mobilizing Watchmen to stand their watch and gather prophetic intelligence to intercede accordingly.  Together, they form a network where the intelligence gathered is communicated to a command center.  From there, effective strategies and counter measures […]

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The Process of Fullfilling Prophecy

This article coves the basic steps to begin the process of developing your spiritual gifts or your prophetic promise. Following the short article is a questionnaire that, if you follow with patience, over time you will help you develop your spiritual gifts to fulfill your destiny in Christ.  Please feel free to make copies and […]

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God’s New Grid of Watchmen of Intercession

In the summer of 2009,  I received a vision from the Lord of a spiritual gird that contained some strategies as to how Watchman can take and posses territory. I believe the Lord is mobilizing Watchmen of Intercession to become part of an elite force to work undercover as His secret agents. Their purpose is to observe with prophetic […]

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