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Captain, The Watch Is Set

On January 10, 2009, I was working in my office when the thought came to me, “Turn on the Television.” I turned on the television in time to watch the U.S. Navy commission a new aircraft carrier named in honor for the former U.S. President, George H. W. Bush. On a platform on the dock […]

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The Process of Transformation

It takes faith in the believer’s life to see what they are called to be in Christ; that of a butterfly soaring above the earth carried about by the wind of the Spirit. One of the crises that Christians go through is that they feel like a caterpillar when they know they are called to […]

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Called from Birth

Do you often feel lonely, isolated and at times forsaken? This is a common trait that every watchmen struggles with. These symptoms are natural because our main call is to be with Him. God desires our fellowship. Thus our battle often lies in choosing between the soul realm and the Spirit. While the world beckons […]

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Use Your Gifts by Bill Yount

Below is a word of wisdom by Bill Yount in regards to that of exercising our gifts by developing and using them. We are not born again as mature Christians ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit, but we mature as we walk with Christ and use them. You obtain wisdom from experience and […]

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Come Ride With Me

Have you received an invitation from the Lord to “Come ride with Me!” Many have heard this clarion call over the past few years. This invitation is being extended to the body of Christ. What the Lord is asking us to do is to prepare ourselves to participate in a movement that He is orchestrating. […]

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A Prophetic Word for 2009

The year 2009 is a continuation of 2008, which was a year for new beginnings. The number 8 prophetically often stands for new beginnings.  What the Lord began in 2008 He is building upon in 2009.  God has a purpose in all that He does. For every church, ministry and Christian, there is a foundation […]

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